1. Introducing the Preschool programme

Welcome to the first lesson in the Let’s Listen and Talk Preschool programme!

As your young child progresses past their third and fourth birthdays, they will learn more and more about the world around them whilst developing their listening and speaking skills so they can communicate with you and with others.

Preschool child with hearing loss In this lesson we will tell you more about the Let’s Listen and Talk Preschool programme and ask you to tell us more about you and your child so we can tailor the support we provide you.

Our first lesson also gives you the opportunity to consider:

  • Do I have unanswered questions or concerns at this time which are worrying me?
  • How can I, as my child’s main carer and educator, best assess and understand my child’s progress?
  • Am I doing everything I can to give my child the best possible opportunity to develop their language skills? Specifically, am I confident checking the technology they are using, and do I know how to ensure they have the best possible listening and learning environment?

We have divided this lesson into a series of short topics so it is easier for you to complete.

Take a look around this sample lesson – it won’t record your progress as this facility only works if you are enrolled on the programne. You will also not be able to see or complete the end of lesson feedback form.

So let’s get started on this lesson by clicking on the first link in the table below!