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A baby with hearing loss - The Elizabeth Foundation for deaf children - Lets Listen and Talk baby programmeThe Let’s Listen and Talk programme

Let’s Listen and Talk is an in-depth programme developed by specialists at The Elizabeth Foundation to provide information, advice and tailored guidance to parents and carers supporting young deaf children from birth to 5 years.

Please note: We are waiving all fees until further notice for the Let’s Listen and Talk programme so that families who need it at the current time can benefit from our advice, information and guidance.

Helping young deaf children learn to listen and talk

We have created Let’s Listen and Talk especially for families who want to help their baby, toddler or preschool child with hearing loss develop their listening, spoken language and communication skills.

We have developed the information and activities in Let’s Listen and Talk based on our many years of experience delivering services for young deaf children and their families.

The programme is based on techniques we use at our family centre to provide our education services for babies, toddlers and preschool children with hearing loss.

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Available programmes

You can choose from the following programmes based on your child’s age:

If you have any questions about which Let’s Listen and Talk programme will be most appropriate for your child, please contact us.

Watch our Let’s Listen and Talk video

Find out more about Let’s Listen and Talk – our unique online resource to support parents and professionals helping deaf children learn to listen and talk.

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