Getting to grips with technology and terminology

An adult holding a young deaf girl wearing a hearing aid

This special course from The Elizabeth Foundation (only available free-of-charge to Baby, Toddler and Preschool programme members) helps parents of babies and young deaf children learn about the technology and terminology relating to deafness.

As a parent of a child with hearing loss you have to come to terms with a wide range of terminology, testing and technology that most people rarely encounter.

We have designed this short course to help you start learning about these things. The lessons in this course:

  • explain how the different parts of the ear help us to hear sounds
  • describe the various types of hearing test you might encounter
  • show you how to ‘read’ the audiograms produced by these tests
  • provide advice on how to help your young child get used to wearing their hearing aids (and how to keep them in!)
  • demonstrate how to maintain your child’s hearing technology so it is working effectively
  • give you the chance to try a quick and fun (optional) quiz

We currently offer this informative course free as an added bonus to members of any of the Let’s Listen and Talk Baby, Toddler or Preschool programmes, and we do not currently offer this course as a standalone product. Click here if you would like to join one of the Let’s Listen and Talk programmes.

Course Content