Toddler programme

Deaf toddler at The Elizabeth Foundation

The Let’s Listen and Talk Toddler Programme provides information, advice and tailored guidance for parents and carers supporting deaf toddlers aged from around 18 months to 2½ years old.

You may have participated in our Baby Course. Now, you and your child are ready for new challenges as they become a toddler – full of energy to explore their surroundings.

As your baby grows into a toddler, there are many new ways you can promote their listening, language and speech skills.

We have specially designed the Toddler Programme to help you continue to build your child’s communication skills. This is an exciting journey and we will be at your side to provide help, information, guidance and support.

When you take part in the Toddler Programme you will receive expert support from your course leader at The Elizabeth Foundation, who will use your feedback to provide information and advice tailored to your child’s individual needs and stage of development.

Take a look around the sample lesson – Introducing the Toddler programme – by clicking here or on the link on the ‘Course content’ table below. Please note: the website won’t record your progress and you will not be able to access the feedback forms as these facilities only work if you are enrolled on the programme.

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Course Content

Lessons Status

1. Introducing the Toddler programme


2. “I want that!” – Communicating without words


3. “Let’s do this together!” – Shared attention


4. “What’s that noise?” – Encouraging active listening


5. “I know that sound!” – Developing discrimination


6. “This is what I mean!” – Concentrating on useful language


7. “This is interesting!” – Useful language topics


8. “Imagine that!” – Encouraging imagination


9. “Sing with me!” – The importance of music, rhythm and song


10. “What are we doing?” – Learning the importance of verbs


11. “I know what you mean!” – Reading social communication clues


12. Looking back at your toddler’s progress