Getting to know you and your child

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A unique part of the support we offer as part of the Let’s Listen and Talk programme is individualised advice and guidance from our specialist staff team, based on your child’s specific needs and your family’s unique circumstances.

Tailoring our support to meet your needs

For us to provide tailored advice, we need you to tell us about your child and your family – the more information we receive from you the better we will be able to support you and your child:

  • If you have already completed our Baby programme, we hopefully already know a bit about you and your child.
  • However, if your child has just joined the Let’s Listen and Talk programme as a toddler, please let us know more about him/her.

We are here to help

We would like to reassure you that you are not alone. We are here to help you, alongside many other parents, support groups, charities and organisations who will be able to help your child reach their full potential.

Here at The Elizabeth Foundation, many of us are parents just like you. And we have been lucky enough to have stood alongside thousands of parents of deaf children in over 40 years since our work began.

Keeping in touch

You can keep in touch with us using our special ‘members only’ contact form, or by phone, email or Skype. And we can direct you to other people and groups in your local area who can help.

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