About the Let’s Listen and Talk programme

baby-25-300wLet’s Listen and Talk is a programme for deaf children from birth to 5 years old provided by specialists at The Elizabeth Foundation.

Please note: We are waiving all fees until further notice for the Let’s Listen and Talk programme so that families who need it at the current time can benefit from our advice, information and guidance.

Helping babies and young children with all degrees of deafness

We have created Let’s Listen and Talk specially for families and professionals who want to help deaf babies, toddlers or preschool children develop their listening, spoken language and communication skills.

Let’s Listen and Talk enables you to access The Elizabeth Foundation’s decades of experience and expertise in helping young deaf children learn to listen and communicate, even if you’re not able to attend our family centre in person.

Our shared goals

The Let’s Listen and Talk programme has a few simple goals for your deaf child.

baby-18-300wOur shared goals are:

  • Your child is wearing their hearing aids or cochlear implants all their waking hours – in fact your child positively enjoys wearing them!
  • Your child is learning how to listen using their hearing technology – your child is becoming curious about the new sounds they are hearing
  • Your child is beginning to understand what people are saying to them – your child’s world is beginning to make sense to them
  • Your child is confident to use their voice – they recognise that sound and words are an effective way to get what they want and are happy to try!
  • Your child is increasingly communicating effectively for themselves – it is entirely natural for your child to communicate through listening and speaking.

Find out more

Take a look at the following information on this website to find out more:


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