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Being a toddler is an amazing time of rapid learning and development for children, as they find out more and more about the people and the world around them. And it’s also an amazing time to be a parent – watching your child learn and grow.

An exciting time

You may have noticed some big changes as your little one recognises many sounds, especially your voice. Your child may also be better at expressing themselves using their voice, making sounds and/or starting to attempt saying a few words. They may be using spoken language alone, or they may be using spoken language with sign language – a total communication approach. However they are doing it, your child is busy telling you about their needs, wants and feelings.

What an exciting time this is! Your child is on their way to becoming a “little communicator”!

Supporting you

Regardless of which communication methodology you choose, our programme will work alongside any approach you choose and you can adapt it easily to accommodate your choice of communication method.

We all have the same goal – developing your child’s communication abilities. By working through this programme, you will be able to help your child practise their listening skills and further develop their spoken language skills and – if you choose – you can use it in conjunction with sign language.

Parents are their child’s best teacher

Parents are their child’s first and best teachers.  Technology is always advancing, but no matter what the future holds, input from parents during these early years is very important! All the technology in the world cannot replace good early interactions with parents/carers/family.

While every family situation is different, we all have one thing in common – we all live busy lives. In many families one or both parents work outside the home. You might have more than one child in your family, who wants and needs your attention too. There are many other demands on your time and energy as well.

Incorporating activities into everyday routines

Understandably, you may be wondering,”Where and how do I begin? How will I fit listening and language ‘lessons’ into our lives?” However, you will be surprised at how easily and naturally this can be done. Almost all of your ‘teaching’ for your child will become a part of your daily routines and the activities you naturally share with them. We have designed the activities in the Toddler programme so you can fit them easily into your everyday life.

The focus of your interactions with all your youngsters (if you have more than one child) will become ‘listening and language building’. While it will be your natural interactions with your child that will be the basis for his language-learning experience, we hope that you can also find a few special moments to spend with your child who has a hearing loss. It will become a very special time for you and your child, and you can be assured that the extra little time invested now will reap rewards later on.

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