Learning through music

Music is an extremely useful and effective way to help children who are deaf develop their listening and talking skills. So, in this “Learning through music” section of Let’s Listen and Talk we provide some easy-to-learn and fun-to-use songs that we have specially written to promote language development for babies and young children with hearing loss from birth to 5 years.

Child with hearing loss playing music

So much learning can take place naturally all-day, every day, particularly for developing speaking and listening skills for young children with any degree of hearing loss. Music plays a huge role in doing this and is an integral part of our programme.

Most children love music, musical games and the actions that go with familiar songs. It doesn’t matter whether they have a hearing loss or not, children love the fun, energy and excitement that accompany singing songs, playing instruments and sharing music. And as we know, children learn best when they are enjoying themselves!

Working with the creators of the popular BabyBeats™ programme, we have developed a special series of new songs that you can use at home with your baby, toddler or preschooler with hearing loss. The “Learning through music” resource is a further development of the BabyBeats™ approach, and draws on ideas identified from running music groups with families at The Elizabeth Foundation.

You do not have to be a good singer or a musician to develop your child’s listening and language skills with songs and music – you just need to be willing to give it a go and help your child to join in.

To get started, take a look at the introductory section to find out about how music can help your child develop their listening and language skills. You can then move on to the songs that are most appropriate for your child’s age and stage of development – baby (available NOW), toddler or preschool (coming soon).

We currently offer this informative resource free as an added bonus to members of any of the Let’s Listen and Talk Baby, Toddler or Preschool programmes, and we do not currently offer this course on a standalone basis. Click here if you would like to join one of the Let’s Listen and Talk programmes.