The importance of technology

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Whether your child has just been fitted with hearing aids or cochlear implants, or whether they have had them for a while, it is important to remember that one of the most valuable things you can do for them is make sure, each and every day, that their technology is working as well as it should, and that your child is wearing it for the maximum possible amount of their waking day.

Your role is crucial

Preschool child with hearing loss At all times you need to try to ensure that your child can access the best possible information via the technology they have been given. Your crucial role will have a huge impact on how their language develops.

Before moving on to the following lessons, ask yourself a few key questions:

  • Do I understand the nature and extent of my child’s deafness? When I look at the audiogram after an audiology appointment do I understand what I am looking at? A good hint here is whether you feel confident explaining it to someone new, perhaps an interested member of the family or close friend who has a lot of contact with your child.
  • Do I understand how to care for my child’s technology every day? Could I explain to someone else who was looking after them for a short while what they need to do to ensure it is all working correctly?
  • Do I understand what is meant by a good listening environment? Am I ensuring that my child is learning in an environment that will help extend their listening, understanding and spoken language skills? Have I made sure that others who look after my child such as grandparents, nurseries, friends understand the importance of this as well?

How you can find out more

As we move through the lessons in the Preschool programme, we will cover many of these issues quite regularly. If you have questions, please write them down and raise them either with your audiologist, your teacher of the deaf, or your Let’s Listen and Talk course leader.

Getting to grips with technology and terminology course

We have also developed the special Getting to grips with technology and terminology course to help you understand more.

If you have completed the Baby and/or Toddler course you may well have worked through some or all of this course already, but you might find it helpful to remind yourself of some of the advice and help.

For those new to the Let’s Listen and Talk programme you will find invaluable help and advice on how to maintain your child’s hearing technology, and how you can encourage your child to wear them more consistently.

Many people can find the terminology related to deafness and the relevant technology baffling to understand. We have provided help here as well. But don’t forget, if you have questions, your course leader is here to answer your queries.

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